• The best part about the book is that it is in terms everyone can understand!

    Everyone can understand!
    Elliot Earle NY
  • Great first book. You definitely brought the knowledge. The information should do wonders for a lot of our people. Even my parents don’t know half that stuff. Can’t wait for the next book! 

    Great first book!
    Dexter Alexander
  • “This book offers sound advice on taking control of your finances and the importance of debt elimination .. good for children and adults alike.”

    Sound Advice
    Dr. Cory Harris
  • “After getting my copy delivered last night I couldn’t wait to read it. I woke up early, brewed a nice big cup of coffee, sat outside in the sun, and read it in its entirety.It’s full of knowledge and wisdom too many Americans simply don’t possess because they were never taught this is school. Ever wondered how you can get your finances in order? How to get out of debt? How to never have to rely on borrowing money (credit)? Look no farther. The principles in this book are timeless and sure to help anyone searching for guidance. Get your copy!

    Get your copy!
    David Szymanski